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School Supplies

When you receive the yearly school supply list, you usually find the same list of anticipated items to purchase. Instead of buying the ordinary, typically offered pens, pencils, journals, etc, add some excitement into the mix. Here are some terrific options to look over.




A top favorite is the Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighters. Offered in packs of 5 with a wonderful, calming, pastel, warm, cool and a rare selection of colorful choice options, this is helpful, when studying, to spice it up from the bland yellow. Or switch it up with a bold pallet color scheme.


• Perfect for underlining and over school text notes

• Double-sided Available

• Thick of Thin Points


Gel Pens


The popular My Neighbor Totoro Black Gel Ink Pen features the cartoon facial features either the expressions of thinking, smiling, a mask or with an umbrella. Add this with an adorable Momo Cat Gel Ink Pen, which also comes in black, baby blue, turquoise, violet, white and pink or go for the gusto and order a six pack of each color. Or the super soothing Contours to Easily Hold and Manipulate in beige, white, pink and mint.


• Single or Pack Choices

• Variety of Colors

• Fun Designs and Expressions


Journals, Notebooks, Sticky Notes


Don’t forget the joy of decorating notebooks, book covers and the foreseeable art projects with stickers; such as unique wahsi tape designs, the cherry blossom is a sure pleaser. The out of this Galaxy Sticky Notes, Kawaii Japanese Hamster Stickers (total of 40 in a pack) and the Ardium Flowery Journal, with a total of almost 200 hundred pages, separated by sections for notes, calendar pages for weekly, monthly and yearly planning are excellent for keeping organized and with the flower designs is quite beautiful, too.


• Planners Keep Organization Easily Manageable

• Stickers are Great Daily Tools for Reminders


Imagine the delight of your young child or college student enjoying this whimsical fun. After all, school supplies are an essential part of learning, but it certainly does not have to be boring. Once you discover all the great choice options, you will always look forward to stocking up throughout the school year.

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