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Top 5 School Supplies Your Child Needs to Flourish Academically

Top 5 School Supplies Your Child Needs to Flourish Academically

Before sending your child back to school, they will receive a list of supplies their school is requesting for them to bring. School supplies are necessary for your child to perform at the best of their ability and succeed. Listed below are the top 5 school supplies your child needs to flourish academically. 
Pencils and Pens

Pencils and pens are writing utensils that your child will need in school. They will need pencils so they can write and erase their work when they make a mistake. Some pens come with an eraser for your child to fix their work, but they will mostly be used to check their work and sign things officially. Pencils and pens are not an optional school supply, they are essential and should be one of the first things you buy for your child.
Crayons, Colored-Pencils, and Markers

Crayons, colored-pencils and markers are needed for your child for their art classes and creative projects. They will not be able to color and decorate their artwork without these school supplies

A backpack will allow your child to carry their supplies in and out of school on a daily basis. Without a backpack, your child will have nothing to transport their items from school to home and home to school with. School lunch can also be fit into a backpack so it is important to consider a lunchbox as well.
Paper, Notebooks and Folders

Your child will need paper to write or draw on, notebooks to write things they have learned in, and folders to keep their loose paper in. Folders and notebooks will allow your child to stay organized. They will need these products just as much as pencils and pens.
Hand Sanitizer and Facial Tissues

Hand sanitizer and facial tissues can be overlooked by some but it is essential to purchase so your child stays clean and healthy. Hand sanitizer can be used by your child when they do not have access to soap and water and facial tissues can be there when they sneeze and need something to wipe their nose with. These supplies are not always present in the classroom so it is important that your child has portable hand sanitizer and facial tissues in case.
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