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What Top 5 School Supplies does Your Kid Need for the New School Year?

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While your kid's school may furnish you with a list of school supplies you should buy for the new school year, remember, some of them are not remotely necessary.

If you have not yet bought new school supplies for your kid's new school year, though, there are definitely some items he or she will need.

Start off with these top five school supplies, and your child will at least have the basics when he heads off to school.

A backpack -- Unless your child has a backpack that is still holding up well from last year, a new one is a must. After all, there is no point buying school supplies for your kid if he does not have anything to carry them in when you get them.

Pens, pencils and colored pencils -- Children need a ready supply of pens and pencils every new school year for all kinds of projects.

Your best bet is to buy him a pack of #2 pencils and another pack of blue or black ink pens. Make sure he has two of each in his possession at all times. That way, if he loses one, he always has a second one to fall back on.

A pack of colored pencils for any art classes he might have should also suffice.

Notebooks -- He also needs something to write in, so two or three notebooks is important. Some schools may mandate a notebook for each subject, while others allow your child to separate various parts of a notebook for each subject.

Paper -- He will usually need to have loose paper so that he can hand in homework assignments. One pack should get him through at least the first semester.

Glue -- A couple of sticks of glue are also one of the top five school supplies your kid will need, as glue is used in a variety of classes.

Buy these school supplies, and at least your child will have the basics when he heads off to school on the first day.

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