School Supplies

What are the Top 5 School Supplies your kid will need?

What are the top 5 school supplies your kid will need?


If you are getting your child ready to go back to school, you will need to buy school supplies. That being said, do make sure you purchase these top five school supplies, as every kid will need them.


A pencil case -- Your kid needs somewhere to keep his pens, pencils, eraser and pencil sharpener, and throwing them in his bag is not usually a good option. That is why buying a pencil case should be one of the first things on your list.


Pens and pencils -- Along with that pencil case, he will also need the pens and pencils to go in it.


Make sure you buy several pens, as you do not want him to suddenly be without one in class, as well as pencils and a pencil sharpener.


Notebooks -- Your child will need notebooks for taking notes in every subject. Find out how many subjects he will be taking, as well as how many notebooks the school recommends he brings with him. You can even let him choose his own so he actually enjoys using them.


Paper -- Your kid will also usually need loose paper to be used for projects, artwork and crafts. Find out from the school what type of paper they want him to have before you buy it.


Glue -- Glue is also usually necessary, and sometimes in both liquid glue and stick glue form.


Make sure he has both, so he will always be prepared for any project his teacher may want students to work on in class or to do at home.

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