School Supplies

School Supplies Your Child Needs

As your child heads back to school, it is important to make sure they have all of the supplies they need and are fully prepared for the school day. The top five school supplies that your child needs in order to be successful in school include folders & binders, calculators, highlighters, notebooks and plenty of pencils. 

1. Folders & Binders
 Folders and binders are very important for your child to have in order to make sure they are prepared to learn how to start organizing. After they finish a project or homework assignments they will then have a safe place to store it and organize it for future reference. 

2. Calculators
 As your child starts to learn math it will be crucial that they have nice calculator in good working condition to do simple math problems on and help get them through math class. You can start with a simple calculator and then as they get older and encounter problems that are more difficult you can get fancier ones.

3. Highlighters
 Highlighters are also important for students because as they go through their textbooks and learn new things, they can highlight important details and things they know they need to study and pay close attention to. 

4. Notebooks
 Notebooks are also important for a child to have when they go to school so anytime they are given an opportunity to take notes during class, they are prepared to jot them down and help with their studying later on. 

5. Pencils
 Finally, when sending your child off to school you absolutely must be sure they have plenty of pencils to get them through the year. Pencils are something they will surely need and you will find that they go through them rather quickly!
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