School Supplies

What are the top 5 school supplies your kid will need at his new school?

If your child is starting a new school, you probably want to make sure he has all the right school supplies when he gets there.


These top five school supplies are the ones that are the most important. With these he will be properly equipped.


Pens and pencils -- Obviously, your child needs pens and pencils before he goes to school or he will not have anything to write or draw with when he gets there.


Make sure he has pens in both black and blue ink, and pens in a variety of rating scales. That way he will be properly equipped to start his new school year.


Notebooks -- Another of the top five school supplies your kid will need are notebooks. In most cases, he will need a different notebook for each class he is taking.


Find out how many classes your child will be taking this year, and then buy that number of notebooks plus a couple of extra ones.


Tape and glue -- Your child will usually be involved in a number of projects at school that require tape or glue, or both.


Make sure he goes to school every day with both of these things, and he will always be prepared for the next project.


Erasers -- Make sure he also has at least one eraser with him as there will always be a need to erase some of the pencil notes he has made. These are also very useful in art class.


Backpack -- Finally, be sure to buy him a sturdy backpack that will last him for the entire year. That way he has something to carry all his school supplies in.

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