School Supplies

School Supplies for Every Grade Level

School Supplies for Every Grade Level

September is the last quarter of the year and this new season brings cool weather, natural beautiful colors of autumn, warm apple cider, boots, sweaters, and back to school supplies. This exciting time of the year is a time to learn something new, make friends, and have fun.

Although supplies may change from year to year, there are a few items that remain necessary from kindergarten until college.


Pencils are a humble yet very important tool for anyone in school. In fact, slate pencils have been a school supply staple since the 1880’s. Pencils are necessary for taking notes, solving math equations, taking tests, and drawing/sketching. Today, pencils come in all different colors not only for fun, but also to make stand-out markings.


Regardless of the grade level, every student makes mistakes from time to time. An eraser is a tool that will make the life of any student easier and keeping their paper cleaner, especially when solving math problems.


Rulers can be found in all different lengths, materials (such as metal, plastic, and wood), and colors. Young students need a ruler for art projects and as students move up, rulers are necessary for science and math classes. 


This may seem like an odd school supply, but it will prove to be a necessary one. Regardless of the level of education, students will have a runny nose, shed a tear or two, or just need something to clean up spilled milk.


A backpack made our top 5 list because not only will it securely hold all of the above items and anything else you may need for school, but it the one school supply that students can express their individuality by bright colors and interesting designs.

Regardless of what you add, the top 5 basic school supplies are listed above.
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